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CASABLANCA/'kæse'blænke(r)/n. 1 trans (lit.) 'the White House' 2 WWII film starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman set in the city of its name 3 Port of Morocco whose booming tourism trade is largely due to said film. Boasts a 'Sam's Bar' in the city centre, as well as the world's largest mosque, built by King Hassan the tyrant of international renown 4 Magazine that's true, clean and fearless.

Casablanca represents opposition to the two white houses of Russia and America: the use of culture as nostalgia: the humbug which characterises our age. When gleaming citadels have become symbols of corruption and abuse; when romanticism on film has replaced the real thing; then voices of dissent are more important than ever.

Casablanca - tough on slime and tough on the causes of slime

Casablanca is an unorthodox, argumentative, disreputable quarterly dedicated to politics and culture. Casablanca publishes exclusive writing from Noam Chomsky, James Kelman, Tom Paulin, Deborah Levy, Barbara Wilson, Paul Gilroy, Tibor Fischer, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, John Berger, Juan Goytisolo, and Christo. Casablanca brings you the news behind the news, from our underground nark-otic network inside the UN, the newspapers, the sex industry, the ghettos.

Casablanca was put together by a handful of internal exiles.

Here's what the British papers said:

Now Casablanca is going on line.

We are convinced there are many more Casablancans out there.

So send us your huddled mss. Send us pictures and polemic and philosophy from around the world. Send us internal documents before they hit the shredder. Send us your money.

31 Clerkenwell Close
London EC1R OAT
Tel:071 608 3784
Fax:071 608 3865

Distribution: Central Books 081 986 4854;
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Art direction Doug Anarino

Some examples of Casablancan writing

These are all mainly on Bosnia because that's what I asked them to send to me. David

  • Words from a Bosnian Survivor

  • THE LOVE SLIPPERS, A story of Sarajevan exile

  • Yugo-Victimology Are they all as bad as each other?

  • BOMBS AWAY - Has the West found its Soul?

  • Canned Lies: Kusturica's film, Underground