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The Speech of Mayor of Tuzla
Mr. Selim Beslagic
Tuzla, May25 th 1995.

United Nations
Security Council


On May 25 th a terfying crime happened in Tuzla at 20,55 p.m. Karadzic's
fascists hit the centre of the town where the youth of Tuzla are gathering
and killed over 65 girls, boys and children. More than a hundred is
wounded. The final number of the victims, has been increasing from hour to

Do not expect that I address you in a diplomatic language in this the most
painful moment in the history of this town. Tonight parents of Tuzla were
collecting parts of their children bodies on the streets of Tuzla.
Their children had left their homes a few hours earlier,  with the belief
in better future. You should know, that at this moment when the pain
is all over Tuzla, there is no any dilemma any more - UN who should be
the protector of the world peace and basic human values with its not acting
participated is this crime. To tolerate the crime in Bosnia for the last
three years is nothing else but ignorant watching of our dieing.

If after this terrible crime you again stay silent, it after this you
do not act using the force as the only legal force left to protect
innocent people from Karadzic Serbs crimes - than without any doubt
you were and you stay on the side of the evil, darkness and fascism.

You declared Tuzla and other besieged cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Safe Areas. You have worn out all diplomatic means. Innocent children and
people are being killed continuously.

For the sake of The God and humanity use the force finally.

					The Mayor of Tuzla
					Selim Beslagic

The second open -letter
of Tuzla Mayor
May 26 th, 9.00

United Nations
Security Council


The representatives of Security Council state members!

I am addressing you again after not full 12 hours after the criminal
attack on Tuzla.

The Serbs fascists last night killed more than 65 young citizens of Tuzla,
and  injured more than 100.

Today in the early morning at 8,30 the new missiles again hit the town
centre. The insane intention is obvious : the killing of innocent people
continues. This morning grenade has hit the place near by the last night
massacre point.

The citizens of Tuzla have nothing to say to you. The civilisation of
the 20th century has nothing to say either to you. Because, you are
quietly watching the killing of the innocent people, and you do have
the means to stop it.

Your behaviour is nothing else but collaboration in this crime against

There is the only possible direction of the action. You must bomb the
arttiliery position on the hills around Tuzla.
You must bomb all the heavy weapons positions of Bosnian Serb fascists in

On the contrary, between you and the killers of our children here will be no
difference. Because even in the international legal justice the
collaboration in the crime is the crime it self, too.

							The Mayor of Tuzla
							Selim Beslagic


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