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May 26, 8.00 a.m.

Dear friends,

Morning is more painful then the night. Early morning news: 65 killed so  
far. Radio speaker woman reads the names of the wounded. A friend. The  
friend's son and daughter. The sad list continues.
Tuzla is quiet. At 8.30 a.m. anorther shelling. No one cares: the pain  
from the last night massacre is more intense.
What to do? What can HCA do? Tuzla is the most important place as a symbol  
for Bosnia, and for HCA activities. There are three points:

1. "UN Safe Areas" can only be effectively protected using force. NATO  
actions towards the strongholds of the artillery that kills the youth of  
Bosnia, the youth of europe, is the only language that they understand.  
This morning's grenade is the proof of the mental view of the from the  
hills. This is the last chance for UN, NATO, for European politicians to  
save the honour. Anyhow, in the eyes of the Bosnian people they have  
already lost any credibility.

2. We do not believe that world politics will do anything but continue to  
act lead only by the motive to keep the fire located. therefor, we ask  
you, HCA activists, to organise the youth of Europe. Students, pupils are  
the only ones that can really understand what it means to be killed during  
a summer night walk. They are the ony ones that do not calculate  
"strategic consequences". Please mobilise them, ask them to show their  
support to the youth of Bosnia.

3. Ask your activists all over europe. Ask your friends, especially in  
Belgrade, to react. This killing has got nothing to do with inter- 
ethnicity. This is a savage act of terrorism. This shows the real madness  
of people from Pale.

Please be in touch. We need your support now.


May 26, 11.00 a.m.

Dear friends,

I am reading the sad lists. The killed (66). The wounded (133). Many of  
the dead are not indentified yet. Massacred. The dates of birth: 1977,  
1972, 1974, 1992. This last one is Kalesic Sandro, the son of Sino and  
Irena. They both are injured, too. The son was killed. Sino is TV Tuzla's  
camera-man. With his family he went to the city centre for a walk. Maybe  
to buy an ice-cream his son. That is what we usually have been doing  
recently. A walk through the city, pretending to be in the normal,  
peaceful time.
The names of the killed are: Adnan, Asmir, Edisa, Sanja, Edina, Frano,  
Sandro, Damir, Hinka, Ilvana, Azur, Indira (1980), Petar, Vejla, Aben  
(1975), Vanja (the daughter of a friend of mine), Adrijana. The youth of  
Tuzla was killed. Children from all ethnic origin. Joined in life, they  
are joined in death. But, they were and they will always be, first of all,  
children of Tuzla, the citizens of Tuzla. Our children. The last figure is  
68 dead.


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