Delenda Est Carthago

Delenda Est Carthago

The Role Playing Power Game

A simulation of a Mediaeval world. A highly detailed game background, based on the real world of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, but set in its own fictional landscape. Two opp This is a continuous, open ended game, which has been running successfully since 1985. Players join the existing gosing cultures face each other. One is based on Mediaeval Europe, the other on the Ottoman Empire of Turkey.

ame world. The game consists of around 40-50 players at any time. Each player controls just one family, and plays positions such as Dukes or Bishops in the European culture; or in the Ottoman culture, Beys (Ottoman regional governors) and Kadis (judges of the religious law).

The game is mixed moderated. The computer takes care of all basic actions, such as movement and paying of troops. Human moderation deals with all special actions, and with the role playing. Players choose for themselves the level of role playing in their turns. Role playing actions could include spying, courting, building bridges and castles, founding an order of nuns, praying, historical research, or almost anything you can think of. Role players tend to get a lot of fun out of the game.

A complex political structure means that diplomacy and negotiation between players is essential. Co-operation and alliance are just as common as betrayal and back stabbing! The game is designed to appeal to those who like contact with other players. Interaction is high, whether it be for political purposes or simply to raise finance for an orphanage.

Very detailed religious systems exist, providing many role playing opportunities. A successful churchman can one day rise to be Pope, and any Kadi could one day become Sheyhulislam (the chief judge).

Combat is computer moderated with a variety of troop types all having different effects. Morale is very important. The planning of battles can be a complex affair, but not all roles in the game are military ones, so players can choose not to become involved in warfare.

The start up costs 15 pounds. This includes the detailed rule book, the current newsletter, the set up turn and an extra free turn. Turns thereafter are an average of six or seven pounds each. Turn costs will increase for very long turns - this reflects the length of time it takes the GM to process them. Battle reports also cost extra.

There is no deadline for turn around. We will not process more than one turn per week for any player, but the length of time between turns is the choice of the player. Players in the UK should expect to get turns back within a week of posting them.

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NOTE: we do not recommend the game for players under 18, because of the diplomatic complexity.