Meggagames are large scale (involving 30 to 50 people) face to face conflict games held, usually in London over a day. The appeal of these games for me is the pace of events. Only Megagames have given me the adrenaline buzz you get when events move so fast that your mind seizes up because it is impossible to take everything in. Of course some games work better than others and even in the best games some roles are more demanding than others but all games will give some insight into the historical period in which they are set.

  • MEGAGAMES For Multi-Player Historical Crisis Games (Official HomePage)

  • James Kemp's MEGAGAME Page

  • The Chestnut Lodge Wargames Group plays similar type of conflict games as Meggagames

    Game Reports

  • A report of Clouds in the West, a recent MegaGame

  • The French Revolutionto be held on 8th May

  • The Russian Civil War

  • A report on 1494, a megga game of the Italian Wars

  • Serenity Station James Kemp's account of a SciFi game

  • It's No Picnic! - Press BriefingsJames Kemp's press cuttings from the Disaster Simulation Game

  • Suspects: When is the Moment to Act?

  • A prieview of SENGOKU NI for those new to MegaGames

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