The Shorthand Variant for Diplomacy

by Millis Miller

(This is the judge information file )
Shorthand is a variant modification allowing only a standardized syntax for
press messages, intended to get across the basics of a message between
powers, without allowing player personalities/language barriers etc. to
come into play.

It is valid for any variant that is played, though it has little effect on
no-press games ;-). It remains the same whether the game is a partial press,
broadcast only, gray press or even fake. Messages sent between players and/or
observers must conform to the syntax specified below: if not, they will not be
sent but will be rejected with a brief error message to the originator.
Messages whose sole destination is the moderator are the only exception, and
will be transmitted 'cleartext'. (Note that messages which include the moderator
as one of the destinations must still conform to the syntax rules, to avoid
attempts to circumvent press restrictions.)

As with any variant modifier, this can be only added to a game: it cannot
be removed.


The valid syntax for shorthand press is as follows:
[[[<powerlist>] INFORMS ] <powerlist> ] <qualifier> <powerlist> [NOT] <command>

<powerlist> = One letter abbreviation for power(s) required

<provlist> = <prov-name> [',' <provlist>]
<prov-name> = { any valid province abbreviation text }
<order-spec> = <phase-valid-order>
<phase> = 'F'|'S'<year>'M'|'R'|'B' (but not S<year>B)
<phase-valid-order> = {any order valid for specified phase,
current phase is used if no phase specified}

INFORMS = 'inform' | 'informs'
ACCEPTS = 'accept' | 'accepts'
REJECTS = 'reject' | 'rejects'
PROPOSES = 'propose' | 'proposes'
NOT = 'not' | '!'
DRAW = 'draw'
PEACE = 'peace'
ALLY = 'ally' | 'alliance'
TARGET = 'target' | 'targets'
PROVINCE = 'province' | 'provinces'
ORDER = 'order' | 'orders'

Some examples of valid orders are:

A accepts RT draw
F rejects G peace
I proposes R ally target TA
informs E proposes not F province Belgium
I informs GF proposes E orders F1901M A Edi - Nth - Nwy

- Messages are case-insensitive
- Province list is limited to a maximum of three - excess is ignored.
- Orders are checked to see if syntactically correct only
- No spaces allowed in phase specification
- A Shorthand no-press game is not forbidden but makes little sense!

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