The Megagame of Power Politics in Old Japan

As a result this is not just a game of Japanese diplomacy - there is a heavy element of role playing and military strategy as well and the combination is something of a unique gaming experience.

The game sets the powerful clans against each other as they vie to achieve local supremacy or maintain their tenuous hold on power or - for the most ambitious - aspire to the coveted post of SHOGUN.

One of the main things that makes SENGOKU NI different from similar political/diplomatic games is the much stricter adherence to Japanese cultural forms of the time. Lahtough players won't actually be expected to kneel throughout the game - but they will have to treat other players with the proper (outward) respect, or suffer very real game penalties!

Also, despite their pre-eminent status with their clan players will have to keep in mind the will of the clan as well as their plans and deals with others - and the non-player characters within their clan will have a significant influence through their team umpire.

As one would expect hostages, ninja, rice and fortresses all have their place in this complex and enjoyable game of old Japan..

Don't just read about it - PLAY IT.

The game will be played on Saturday 10 February 1995 at a venue in London.
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