I'v just started a Ancient Mediterranean shorthand game on NZMB called trezhur.
23rd Oct 2002

links on Shorthand

The Judge information file on Shorthand

Shorthand description in SerboCroat (I'm not a native speaker but I did my best)

Multilingual Shorthand - short notes in 7 languages

If you want to play in a shorthand game send me an email and I'll try and organize one. and during the summer and temporarily at this point in time at (replace -at- by @)

Tim Miller's standard shorthand game on NZMB called 'hushyou' has now completed. If you reckon it's impossible to swear using shorthand check out this history of the first year.

I'll be starting a shorthand game soon. I haven't decided what variant it will be except that it won't be standard (Clasical?). If you are particualy keen on a variant and want to play it using shorthand let me know.

What is Shorthand?

Shorthand is an option for playing the game Diplomacy where messages between players are restricted to a simple code for example F proposes G ally target A

Why Shorthand?

No native speaker of English would have a problem understanding "Hi, Germany old fellow. I'm France, lets get together and biff up perfidious Albion.". If you aren't a native speaker then such free style can present problems. Of course if you know you are writing to someone who is not a native speaker of the language in which you are writing you tone things down. Shorthand takes this down to its logical conclusion - the judge insists that all messages be written in such a simple form that it isn't really necessary to have even a clue about real English

The second reason for using shorthand is that writing messages can take up a lot of time. What is the best style to make a strong impression on an ally? Will Germany find "biff up" a sign that you are a lively spark or a sign that you just aren't serious? Wordsmithing your diplos takes time and for that reason quite a lot of games are no press. Shorthand is a nice compromise. You do get some form of negotiating but none of the superfluous chat which nonetheless is important in building trust between allies in full press games. So if you are playing several full press games and are a bit pressed for time yet want to try out a variant that you haven't before played then playing in a shorthand game may be the answer.

Finally if you are a native speaker of a language other than English I would really welcome a few words on shorthand in your language so I can add it to the page.

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