The Knight of the Slavonian Plain

This is in essence only a map variant so there are only two special rules. However the rules are being applied to a historical and geographical situation quite different from that of the standard.

Special rules:
1 New units may be built in any owned center, not just initial home centers.
2 "Fleets" but not "armies", may be built in "sea" centers.

Download the Gif map here

The game begins in spring 1764
The players represent the "Slavonian knight" and two brigands:
Varnica: Sombor(A), Kopaccki Rit(F), Bacc(F)
Jeccmenica: Frusska Gora (F), SSid (F), ZZupannja (A)
The Slavonian Knight: Valpovo (A), CCepin (A), DJakovo (F)
There are 12 supply centers - 7 to win.

The variant is set in the time of Maria Theresa. The legal authorities are a bunch of vain and ineffectiv nobles who spend their time holding parties and doing nothing about the who are terrorizing the countryside from their hideouts in the marshes that lie to the side of the Danube and Drava. Serious opposition to these brigands is posed only by the mysterious Slavonian Knight

The title of the scenario comes from the novel by Marija Jurich Zagorka which inspired the scenario. She was a Croatian novelist who wrote around the turn of the century and I'v seen her described as a Croatian Jane Austin.

Slavonia is an inland area without seas. However the marshes are crucial as refuges for the bandits. Hence "seas" in this game are in fact marshes or hilly areas. Fleets represent bands of skirmishers who get distinctly nervous if they stray too far out into open terrain where they can be ridden down by cavalry represented by diplomacy's traditional armies. These skirmishers hav no problem with skipping between "coasts" of the province they are in so the one province that appears to hav two coasts (Vinkovci) is a "canal". You can think of convoying as the skirmishers acting as guides to the cavalry, through the marshes.

Attacking an area represents the whole process of intimidation bribing/blackmailing of informers involved in bringing an area under your control. If you are playing the Knight you are carrying out the reverse process of breaking down the conspiracy of silence etc. Hence the two season time scale of traditional diplomacy is about right.

Varnica is an greedy, aging, brutal but cunning robber who who has absolutely no scruples and who doesn't even shrink from poisoning his own mother.
Jeccmenica is the new kid on the Slavonian crime scene. He has a wicked sense of humor.
Both are devious bastards who will back stab the other without a seconds thought.
The Slavonian Knight is a noble upstanding fighter for good against evil, whose word is his bond. Does that mean if you play the knight you can't back-stab either of the robbers? Put it this way, saying something that is not strictly true, to one of those blaggards who hav brought your beloved Slavonia so low, is not lying but a stratagem. An example of something not strictly true would be "No of course I won't attack Vukovar if you move your skirmishers out to attack Varnica. You can trust me, Jeccmenica."

Most of the area of the map was at the time part of Croatia but the north west was then in Hungary. The whole area was of course, in 1764, under the Hapsburg monarchy.

The double letters are the old system for representing Serbo-Croat letters used by telegraph operators. I suspect no one will ever get round to programming the judges to use Serbo-Croat letters so for want of an alternativ I'll use that system. (No, it's not on the judges yet but I hope it will be one day)
cc and ch both represent English ch (but cc is harder)
ss represents English sh
zz represents the s in leisure
j is not and English j but an English y
dj in the main represents the Serbo-croat d with a bar and it is kind of soft English j .
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Fruska Gora , Bansko Brdo , DJakova Greda , DJakovo and Negoslavci are hilly areas. The other "seas" are marshes. Most but not all of the marshes are now well drained farmland and it is possible some of the provinces which are designated here as marshes had been drained as early as 1764. However the exact extent of marshes in the game is what I think will make a good game and will change only when playtesting proves me wrong.
(Kopaccki Rit remains to this day a marsh and is considered to be a key wetland of international significance.)

Bacc			bac
Banov Dol		bad
Bansko Brdo		bab
Beli Manistir	bel
Bijelo Brdo		bij
CCeminac		ccm
CCepin		ccp
Daljska Planina	dpl
Daljski Rit		dri
Darda			dda
DJakova Greda	DJG
DJakovo		djo
Fruska Gora		fru
Gussevac		gus
Jagodnjak		jag
Karadjordjevo	kdj
Karapanzza		kpa
Kopaccki Rit	kop
Kosska		kos
Markussica		mak
Monjoross		mon
Mostongo		mos
Negoslavci		neg
Onoplje		ono
Osijek		osi
Otok			oto
Petrijevci		pet
Plavanski Rit	pla
Semeljevo Jezero	sem
Sombor		som
SStid			sst
Trpinja		trp
Valpovo		val
Velike Livade	vel
Vinkovci		vin
Vuka			vka
Vukovar		vkr
ZZupanja		zzu


Diplomatija u Zagrebu

The Diplomacy Pouch