Spelling Conventions for these pages

I am gradually changing my pages to the following conventions.

Current standard American spelling.

In addition I use these forms which are gaining acceptance as acceptable alternatives in American English.

tho for though
altho for although
thru for through

Further all words ending in ette are reduced to et

suffraget for suffragette

And lastly I've introduced one of my own

liv for live where i is short and...
livved for lived as this form now requires a double letter to conform to standard doubling rule for one syllable words with short vowels

This of course violates the Norman spelling convention that no English word can end in a v but does introduce a distinction between the live as in "I live" and live as in "live wire".

My other pages will probably continue to keep their archaic British spelling until I get round to changing them.

If you are interested in other ways that spelling might be more logical check out my Spelling Reform page.