Green Action

Green Action/Zelena Akcija is one of the most activ Green campaigning groups. It is based in Zagreb but coordinates actions throughout Croatia. It has campaigned against GMOs and for solar power (among other things).

I'v done this page because I hate frames. This to a great extent by passes the frames. Bear in mind, however, that I may have missed some pages and I do not expect to keep this up to date so check out the offical home page.



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    Bijak Against GMOs

  • Bijak: the campaign against GMOs

  • A list of Actions against GMOs in 99

  • Resistance to Genetic Engineering Goes East

  • Genetically Engineered Food and Crops in Croatia: A Threat to Sustainable Agriculture pdf format


  • Green Declaration


  • Sos Adriatic

  • What was planned for Planet Earth Day 99

  • What was planned for 2000

  • The Green Telephone


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