Images of Leading Socialist Revolutionaries


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Victor Chernov

As the left wing leader a left wing party things should have been easy for Chernov. Unfortunately he was a prisoner of the right wing leadership of his own party.


The Party's most forceful leader during the 1905 revolution. Made a spectacular escape from the Tsarist prisons in 1906 but as a result his health was so damaged that he died soon afterwards.

Abram Gots

Gots was the leader of the right wing of the party and would have been Chernov's main opponent - except that Chernov usually let him get his way for the sake of party unity.

Alexander Kerensky

Big in the history books and his own estimation but not in the Party. In the middle of 1917 he stood for the PSR central committee and was ignominiously defeated.


The February Revolution found her in a Siberian prison. She blew up her former prison before heading back to European Russia to become a fiery advocate of the SR left. Image shows her in 1906 and 1930

Boris Kamkov

A strong opponent of the war among the Socialist Revolutionary exile community he went on to become a key leader in the Left SRs when they split from the PSR at the end of 1917.
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