Police Campaign Against SM Clubs Continues

First the good news. The police prosecution against Club Whiplash bit the dust when Martin Church was found not guilty of running a disorderly house on 29th of march. The police had relied on lurid and improbable tales of mass orgies which the jury it appears did not believe.

But police action against other venues has relied on threatening the licensees with the loss of their licences.

Bass Taverns

After a visit from police from Area 1 Club Squad, Bass decided to ban three groups from Club 180. The groups were the Clubs Gummi and Sadie Masie and the group SM Gays. Spanner helped organise several protest meetings in which a letter writing campaign was organised and plans for direct action were laid. In face of this Bass Taverns did a total U- turn and apologised to clubs and paid them compensation.

Sex Maniacs Ball

But no sooner had the dust settled over Bass Taverns when another bunch of the boys in blue decided to flex their muscles. On 20th of march Tuppy Owens was summoned to meet the Brixton police concerning The Heavenly Sex Maniacs Ball. The police focused in on the SM parts of the event and despite Tuppy's efforts to fit in with police demands the police put heavy pressure on the Brixton Academy which banned the event. Hastily a new venue was found at Bagley's in North London but Brixton police's determination knew no limits and Bagley's cancelled the booking as a result of threats to their licence.

Write letters of protest to:

Sir Paul Coudon,Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, New Scottland Yard SW1
The Chief Inspector, Brixton Police Station 367 Brixton Rd SW9
your MP

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