ECMC recognises that SM Rights are worth fighting for!

The ECMC (European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs) recently held a spectacular weekend event in an old nunnery in Amsterdam. There were 41 clubs representing all parts of Europe, from Madrid to Helsinki.

Traditionally these all male 'leather' clubs have avoided any sort of campaigning but things look set to change.

During the AGM the Secretary was given new powers to act as a combined voice for ECMC on relevant human rights issues. MSC Finland stunned the meeting by saying they had come out as an SM organisation on national television. Kellan Farshea gave a spirited defence of why Coundown on Spanner organised events like SM Pride. He received overwhelming support from the 100+ delegates.

Several ECMC member clubs have already raised funds for the Spanner case (SLM Stockholm, Loge 70, FLC Frankfurt, Sussex Lancers, Severn Link MSC, Midland Link) - now we hope the rest of them, especially the UK clubs, will want to follow their lead.

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