Colin Laskey, one of the men imprisoned for consensual S&M sexual activity in the notorious Spanner Case, died on Sunday, 14 May in hospital following a heart attack. He was aged 52.


Firstly and most importantly, Colin was a friend, a kind, gentle, caring and polite man, with a laconic sense of humour.

He had always done his best to help others while enjoying himself, primarily through his association with the game of Rugby Union, which he both played and refereed.

However, his main driving force of the last few years was his determination to get overturned the injustice of his conviction and imprisonment for consensual S&M sex in 1990.

His belief in the total injustice of the case was evident from day one. During the trial at the Old Bailey, Colin took copious notes about all of the proceedings, looking for flaws and inconsistencies in the Crown case, of which there were many.

Further injustice followed; while in prison he was refused leave to attend his mother's funeral, a terrible thing to happen to anybody. Also, he wrote to the Trial Judge concerning others when the police refused to return his property which the Judge had ruled could be returned.
"Were the police above the law to ignore his Honour's ruling?"

This was Colin's approach. Eventually, he had his property returned.

Upon release he, like us, was determined to take the appeal procedure as far as possible. He was delighted when, in January of this year, the European Commission of Human Rights found our case to be admissible, but even then he did not rest on his laurels but made every effort to identify weaknesses in the Government case providing many comments for our legal team to ponder.

In conclusion, we can only state how shattered we are by Colin's untimely death and we are still determined to do all we can to seek justice for ourselves and as a tribute to Colin.

We were proud to know Colin and to be counted among his friends. May he rest in peace.

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