S/M non-fiction works

Mick Carter

Baldwin, Guy., 1993. Ties that bind; Daedalus, Los Angeles. (12 hardback)
A collection of essays (many originally in Drummer) by a gay S/M psychotherapist who has also been Mr Leather. Very good on communication and mental approach. Also includes one of the few articles on ecstasy.

Bannon, Race., 1992. Learning the Ropes; a basic guide to safe and fun S/M lovemaking; Daedalus, Los Angeles.
A slim simply written book introducing S/M for all sexualities with the emphasis on role playing and the gentler techniques.

Bean, JS. 1944. Leathersex: a guide for the curious outsider and the serious player; Daedalus, Los Angeles.
A readable book based on the ideas behind S/M rather than how to do it. It has a thoughtful section on edge play, activities near the limits of sanity and even life.

Brame, GG, WD Brame & J Jacobs, 1993. Different loving;
Villard Books, New York. (19)
A thick, pseudo-academic, very complete treatment of D & S (= S/M) based mainly on quotations and fully quoted interviews mainly with heterosexuals and bisexuals. Good background material for journalists.

Califia, Pat (ed.), 1988. The lesbian S/M safety manual;
Lace Publications, Boston. (6)
A justly famous, small book of essays that all S/Mers should buy and study.

Califia, Pat, 1993. Sensuous magic; Masquerade books, New York. (10)
A short book on heterosexual S/M covering most aspects and illustrated with fictional scenes.

Jackson (Master), 1992. Sir! More Sir!
Leyland Publications, San Francisco. (11)
Essentially a how-to-do-it book for heavy gay S/M. The activities described are not always completely safe and not for the squeamish but definitely erotic. It covers aspects which are ignored by most books, ie. advertising, bondage and scat, and it seems to be based on experience.

Jacques, Trevor, 1993. On the safe edge: a manual for SM play;
WholeSM Publishing, Toronto. (15)
The ultimate guide to S/M safety written by a medical and S/M practitioner. Essential for every S/M group, Dungeon Master and serious S/Mer.

Mains, Geoff, 1984. Urban aboriginals;
Gay Sunshine Press, San Francisco. (11)
One of the major works on leathersexuality (or S/M as a spiritual experience). It includes important material on both the chemistry and psychology of pain.

Prezwalski, J. 1995. The Kiss of the Whip; explorations in S/M;
Leyland Publications, San Francisco.
The Author writes, "I've tried to reveal the thinking behind good SM, to help you understand it and be creative about it." A thick book that succeeds in its aim without being either an S/M techniques manual or in any way pornographic. Particularly good on fisting. Includes a brief but important section on De Sade, Sacher-Masoch and Kraft-Ebbing.

Samois (ed. by members of), 1987 (3rd ed.) Coming to Power; writings and graphics on lesbian S/M;
Alyson, Boston. (7.95 paperback)
A classic compilation book of material written by members of Samois. It includes fiction, fact, techniques, polemic, analysis and much more. Certainly an essential book on the subject

Thompson, Mark (ed), 1991. Leatherfolk: radical sex, people, politics and practice;
Alyson Publications, Boston. (16 hardback)
A series of articles on: the leather tribe; leather history; spirit and flesh. Some important material.

Townsend, Larry, 1989. The Leatherman's handbook II;
Carlyle Communications, New York. (6)
Possible the classic book on the subject written by a major S/M novelist and practitioner. Partly a how-to-do-it-safely book, partly a collection of erotic S/M short stories.

Weinberg, Thomas & GW Levi Kamel (eds), 1993.
S and M: studies in sadomasochism;
Prometheus Books, New York. (16)
A collection of articles, mainly reprinted, with an emphasis on "the social aspects of sensual sadomasochism". Much of the material is written of co-written by one or other of the editors, but there is a lot of material for the serious student and the final summary includes a convincing reply to most of the criticisms of S/M.

Wiseman, Jay, 1992.
SM 101: A realistic Introduction;
Wiseman, Berkeley.
A 248 page A4 comb-bound book. Highly personal but one of the few how-to-do-it books on heterosexual S/M that covers everything one might want to know. Specially good on the gentler techniques and on slave training.

There are also a number of periodicals among which are Sandmutopia Guardian, Checkmate (both dealing with gay S/M techniques) and Greenery (dealing with female domination).
These may be stopped by customs.