It's time again to get our boots on and take S& M into the public eye. So on with the leathers, out with the whips, and once more out onto the streets of the capital in our fifth annual demonstration that we do not consent to state intrusion to our bedrooms (or dungeons).

    We are expecting a whole flotilla of pony carts this year (ponies and riders may apply), and we are looking forward to a, fearsome gang of Adult Schoolgirls from Miss Creant's Academy; Adult Schoolboys beware. TVs, Infantilists, Puppy and Piggy People, all are welcome. Come and join the march which says SMers have nothing to be scared of!

    This year's march starts in Whitehall Place (just off Whitehall) at 10.30am. Please arrive in good time. We will be marching through London's West End, and our progress will come to a close in Lincoln's Inn Fields (not Soho as stated on the leaflets), a short distance from....


    Whip crack away! Whip crack away! Whip crack away! As Doris Day used to say (at least when she was wearing her leathers)

    This years inaugural Pervefest aims to celebrate the fact that 1997 has been declared The International Year of The Whip by the Untied Nations. Whips, whip makers and whip wielders are this year's cracking, theme.

    From 12md until 5pm Conway Hall will host a selection of displays and discussions on SM and related pursuits. There will be sizzling stage events, eye opening educational workshops and a market for pervy purchasing and shocking shopping!

    Entrance 5.00, concessions 3.00 with proof. As the venue is limited in size, we have to restrict ticket numbers. To be sure of getting in on the day get your ticket in advance, cheques payable to Countdown on Spanner, PO Bo 10937 London N15 6PE. Sorry kids, but you are far too young for this much fun so the event is for over 18's only. No cameras either.


    This year's extraordinary extravaganza takes place in a sumptuous (if not notorious) East London venue where The Firm are going to mount an evening of divine decadence and depravity; putting the swish and panache back into connoisseur SM! The venue has three big theme rooms, each with it's own bar: Dungeon Dracule - not for the fainthearted, The Great Bordello with bronzed hunks and brazen hussies to delight you, and our mischievous maids serving delightful nibbles, and Master Tee's Dancehall with live music, MC Madam Zak and guest DJs.

    Doors open at l0pm and we party 'til 6pm. Dresscode; Leather, Rubber, , Uniform, Lingerie, Fantasy,

    Tickets cost 10 and are available PO box 10937, London N15 Cheques payable to Countdown on Spanner.


    Combined tickets for Pervefest and Spanner Ball cost only 12.50! All bookings must be made in advance, no concs.